Indian State level basic Environment Information Database (ISBEID) is a database in which one can get information about time series (year wise) district & state environment related information on 17 modules (subjects) such as “Administrative Profile, Agriculture, Air Pollution, Biodiversity, Disaster, Ecology, Energy, Forest Resource, Ground Water Resource, Industries, Infrastructure, Natural Resource, Sanitation, Tourism & Heritage, Waste, Water Pollution and Water Resource”. One can get this important information from www.isbeid.gov.in in MIS report. One can also get information of all states. Similarly State of Environment Report of different states can also be downloaded. Information on above subjects are being collected & uploaded by this Centre starting from the year 1990. User can directly download the information from website or request information to this centre.

Separate portal has been prepared by MoEF&CC & NIC in ISBEID in which one can see various thematic maps based on information provided by this centre. One can compare & analyze information with respect to time, location and range of values. This can be helpful in taking policy decision.

For more, please visit www.isbeid.gov.in